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Recipe - Ayurveda Chai

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Ayurveda Chai has been copied far and wide and is now commonly known as Golden Chai.

It was originally passed down to me from a seventh-generation, female, Ayurveda doctor, from South India over twenty years ago.

The recipe was taught to me as a great  preventative to the common cold and flu. But it is the medicinal qualities of turmeric that makes it so great. Turmeric is now being hailed everywhere as modern day cure all.

I have made one change to the original recipe that is to swap cow’s milk to rice milk. So, everyone can enjoy!



  • 5 cardamom pods
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 5 clove
  • Pinch of Pepper or Indian Pepper, Pipali


Pound spices in mortar with pestle

Then boil all these ingredients in two cups of water for at least five minutes.

Grate fresh ginger and fresh turmeric with a teaspoon of good quality tea then two cups of milk and some sweetener, (I use organic raphurdura or Indian juggery which is unprocessed sugar cane

Pour through a strainer and enjoy!