Heart and Halo

High Protein, Frozen Vegetarian Meals

Our Menu

Five different flavours and all vegetarian.

Only 100% wholefoods. Nothing artificial, no preservatives or additives.   
We use sunflower oil, olive oil, Karom Himalayan salt and all our dishes are onion & garlic free.

Dahl, Stew & Curry

No need to defrost. Microwave or heat in pot on low, with a little water

Wholesome Indian Lentil Dahl

A mix of high protein lentils in a rich sauce of freshly roasted and ground whole spice. A traditional recipe from the heart of India - Feel the power of Dhal!


Mediterranean Red Bean Lentil Quinoa Stew

A beautiful blend of mixed herbs, lentils, red beans and high protein quinoa. Experience the subtle taste of roast tomato puree and delicate Mediterranean flavours.


Chickpea & Veg Mild Coconut Curry

Full of vegetables and well cooked chick peas in the most amazing fresh spiced sauce and only a hint of coconut cream, making this quite a light but nourishing meal. Cooked in a healthy vegetable stock.



Reheat in 160ºC oven for 20mins (best in ceramic tray)

Golden Rosemary Potato Bake

An adaptation of a famous Hare Krishna dish, Potato Gauranga, with cabbage cooked down in a turmeric buttermilk sauce, fresh rosemary and par boiled potato layered with cheddar cheese then baked to perfection.


Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne

Our Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne is well known by our customers and has often been referred to as "the best lasagne they've ever tasted". Lovingly baked with a beautiful tomato mustard seed sauce and heaps of spinach and ricotta. You be the judge!

  • Organic and local ingredients used where possible.
  • All our lentils are soaked and washed well before cooking. Feel the difference.
  • Fully cooled down fast and then frozen fresh in Freezer Safe, BPA Free containers that you can reuse or easily recycle.
  • We use simple labelling from our local printer (Frontline)

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Some of the ingredients we use state on their packaging that they may contain traces of nuts, seeds, gluten or dairy.