Heart and Halo

High Protein, Frozen Vegetarian Meals

The Inspiration

Heart & Halo was started over ten years ago as a food outlet with the intention of serving the planet, it’s creation, and humans alike, by creating beautiful food cooked and served with love.

The founder, Tusta, with his wife Amiya, were guided by their teacher Srila Govinda Maharaja to somehow engage themselves in some sort of service, and feeding people seemed to be the best way to find happiness and unity with people. (See the Meaning and Origin of the name Heart & Halo below).

Tusta became a chef as a teenager, working in hospitality and all aspects of the commercial food industry, but became disillusioned with so much ego involved and with the treatment of food, produced mostly for making money in the mood of exploitation.

So, with a passion for travel and different cultures, he set off around the world cooking with many different Indigenous people and noticed they all approached food with the same reverence, joy, and grace as they cooked and offered to Spirit and one another.

It was in India though, through it's strong connection with Ayurveda and the Ashram system, that the methods of cooking and offering the food were really solidified. This devotion, dedication and the connection with Nature and all of its Energy is the foundation behind Heart and Halo.

Using simple, unprocessed, vegetarian whole foods and high protein lentils and beans combined with healthy balanced stimulating spices, and of course a lot of Love, we offer our Frozen Boxes to you.

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Heart & Halo

Heart & Halo - Meaning and Origin

To begin with, the origin of the name ‘Heart and Halo’ comes from a great Indian saint by the name of Srila Sridhar Maharaj, who began his spiritual journey from a young age and was often referred to as the one with an eternal mind. He could perceive spiritual and scientific concepts beyond the reality of their respective fields, and shine light on so many thesis in a completely non judgemental universal way that so many, from all types of philosophies, could understand. Some of his concepts, to name a few, were: Golden Volcano of Divine Love; The Loving Search for the Lost Servant; Sri Krishna reality the Beautiful; and so many more book titles and lectures. These he gave to help people come closer to the truth of the soul and the connection it has with the Universe.

The meaning of ‘Heart and Halo’ was a concept to find the understanding of the finest vibration of Love. A vibration that emanates out like a wave, and if we dive deep into that wave we will be carried to the shore of our heart. The purpose of love is dedication and devotion, a inert feeling to want to surrender and serve something other than ourselves. The halo around the heart represents that service and protection, it represents the feminine and the masculine, the Yin and the Yang, the complete whole of all existence, absolute truth, LOVE!